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NEW! Slow Cooking & Sous Vide Methods for Pork Cookery

The student will:

  • Prepare pork recipes using sous vide and slow cooker methods.
  • List advantages and disadvantages of slow cookery and sous vide.
  • Identify minimum cooking temperatures of pork cuts.
  • Compare nutritional values of pork versus other protein sources.

Slow Cooking & Sous Vide Methods for Pork Cookery

NEW! Appetizers Pork on a Fork

The student will:

  • Identify improved farming strategies that have increased nutrition and sustainability in pig farming.
  • Demonstrate safe food preparation.
  • Prepare appetizers with pork as main protein ingredient.

Appetizers Pork on a fork

NEW! Tech Savvy with Pork

The student will:

  • Utilize proper food safety and sanitation procedures in preparation of products in the foods laboratory.
  • Practice safe use of technology in the preparation of food products in the foods laboratory.
  • Evaluate the process and product results of using new technology in food products in the foods laboratory.
  • Create quality food products using new technology (Instant Pot®)

Tech Savvy with Pork

NEW! Souper Pork

The student will:

  • List different cuts of pork and identify what soups the cut of pork could be used in.
  • Students will identify the nutrients found in pork.
  • Prepare food by using the appropriate procedures and techniques specified in the pork soup recipes.

Souper Pork

Ham and Cheese Muffins Lesson Plan

In this lesson, students will:

  • correlate pork primal cuts to retail cuts
  • organize steps of recipe in meaningful sequence
  • use teamwork to plan and prepare recipe
  • demonstrate safe food preparation skills


Pork Stir-Fry Lesson Plan

In the Pork Stir-Fry lesson plan, students will:

  • locate and utilize reliable online information regarding pork cuts, cooking methods, nutrition, storage, and selection
  • develop and practice stir-fry skills
  • compare types of pork chops


Pork Chops Lesson Plan

In the Pork Chops lesson plan, students will:

  • apply MyPlate food guide to plan meal with pork entree
  • define food prep terms and demonstrate understanding during preparation of recipe
  • assess degree of teamwork
  • locate and organize pork-related information into prescribed format (resume)
  • prepare, serve, and sample pork chop entree


Pork Sandwiches & Wraps Lesson Plan

The objectives for students in this lesson are:

  • compare and contrast Wisconsin farmers’ philosophies and work standards
  • use technology as a tool to research, organize, evaluate, and communicate information
  • develop working knowledge of food preparation terms
  • prepare pork sandwich
  • manage time and work as a cooperative group to complete sandwich presentation on time


Pork Tenderloin Lesson Plans

The objectives of the Pork Tenderloin lesson are:

  • illustrate the versatility of pork tenderloin
  • determine standard portion size of pork entrees
  • prepare, serve, and sample pork tenderloin entree
  • select accompaniments that complement pork entree and add variety to menu
  • convert recipe into standardized format that may be used for class catering event and/or quantity foods simulation


Ham Pizza Snacks Lesson Plans

The objectives for students are to:

  • identify protein-rich foods
  • organize steps of recipe in meaningful sequence
  • use teamwork to plan a healthy lunch
  • demonstrate safe food prep skills


Low & Slow Cooking Lesson Plans

Objectives focused on in this lesson plan are:

  • differentiate between a marinade, rub, and glaze
  • identify cuts of pork most appropriate for “low & slow” cooking
  • prepare less tender cuts of pork using appropriate cooking techniques
  • document productivity and accountability during food prep lab


Meals in Minutes

During this lesson, students will:

  • demonstrate the versatility of pork with ethnic recipes
  • calculate increasing and decreasing yield of recipes
  • differentiate between scratch cooking and speed-scratch cooking
  • prepare, serve, and sample pork entrees
  • plan a two-day food prep lab by anticipating which steps need to be completed each day