The Wisconsin Pork Association has a 9-person Board of Directors. The board consists of pork producers and at least one allied industry member. The board sets the policy and provides direction to the staff for program development and implementation. WPA Committees make recommendations to the board on future goals of the organization.
Board of Directors
  • President – Jim Magolski, New London
  • Vice-President – Ray Ibeling, Clinton
  • Treasurer – Brian Klubertanz, Waterloo
  • Secretary – Christina Meylor, Darlington
  • Director – Nathan Brickl, Spring Green
  • Director – Ryan Cain, Osseo
  • Director – Alicia Prill- Adams, Platteville
  • Director – Bob Spurley, Linden
  • NPPC Representative – AV Roth, Wauzeka

WPA Committees
Wisconsin Pork Association has five committees that help the Board to implement programs of the organization.  Anyone interested in being a member of a committee may contact the WPA office.
  • Promotion & Events – Mike Salter, Chair
  • Swine Health – AV Roth, Chair
  • Youth – Jim Magolski, Chair
  • Producer Outreach – Bob Spurley, Chair