Welcome to Our Farm Story Book ~ PreK to 1st Grade

This 16 page (11×8.5) storybook takes you on a tour of a modern pig farm. Contact us to order a copy today!

The Welcome to Our Farm Activities complement the storybook, or can be used as a stand alone activity.

The Amazing Pig ~ Elementary Age Youth

Watch this Amazing Pig Video, or contact us to have a DVD mailed to you.  After watching the Amazing Pig video, complete these Wisconsin Amazing Pig Activities to review the facts covered in the video.

Producers, Pigs, & Pork ~ 3rd to 6th Grade

Resource Guide: this guide includes a set of five lessons that address our food supply system and focus on pig farming. It includes a variety of lessons and activities which enhance standards and skills. Contact us to order your own resource guide!

Story Book: An illustrated story of a boy’s visit to a modern pig farm. Contact us to order a copy today!

Coloring Book:This 16-page coloring book takes kids on a farm tour to learn more about producers, pigs, and pork.

Lesson Plans: These materials help guide Ag in the Classroom volunteers through the activities in the Teachers Resource Guide

Other Fun Resources
Wisconsin Ag in the Classroom

Wisconsin Pork is a proud supporter of Farm Bureau’s Ag in the Classroom program. This program provides teachers and K-12 students with an understanding of how their food is produced. The Ag in the Classroom is carried out by a network of local educators, volunteers, and representatives from agricultural organizations and businesses. Please visit the Ag in the Classroom website to learn more about the resources available!