Each spring, Wisconsin Pork Association offers youth pig project scholarships to assist youth with their 4-H or FFA pig projects. The program encourages youth to become involved in the Wisconsin pork industry, provides opportunities to develop life skills, and exposes youth to the many career paths available within the industry.

Become a Youth Pig Project Sponsor !

Each year Wisconsin Pork Association seeks producers and businesses to help sponsor the Youth Pig Project Scholarships. Simply contribute $100, $75, or $50 to become a blue, white or red ribbon sponsor. Your contribution will help more deserving youth receive scholarships.

If you have questions or would like to become a sponsor, please contact the WPA office at 608-723-7551 or email aboschert@wppa.org.


Become a Sponsor- Form


YouthPig2014Thank You 2019 Youth Pig Project Sponsors!

Several Wisconsin show pig producers have generously helped sponsor the 2019 Youth Pig Project Scholarships. If you are looking for a producers to purchase your show animals from, please consider reaching out to the sponsors listed below. WPA extends a sincere THANK YOU to all of our sponsors!


ACJ Farm, Helenville
Hampshire, Spots, Crossbreds
920-723-9517, cjaquith9517@gmail.com

George Holst, Trevor
Chester White, Spots, Crossbreds

Goplin Show Pigs, Whitehall
Berkshire, Duroc, Hampshire, Yorkshire, Crossbred
715-530-0875, goplinshowpigs1@hotmail.com

Graff Show Pigs, Juneau

Keel Showpigs, Juneau
Durocs and Crossbreds

Jake’s Pig Palace, Eland
Duroc, Spots, Yorks, Crossbreds
715-881-0301, jakespigpals@yahoo.com

Tom Knauer Family, Avalon
Landrace, Hampshire, Crossbred
630-621-5647, tjknauer@gmail.com

Krebs Farms, Rio
Chester, Yorks, Hamps, Crossbreds
608-576-6593, Krebs.dave@yahoo.com

Magolski Farms, New London
920-851-4724, magolski727@gmail.com

Walsh Family Farm, Beloit
Hampshire and Yorkshire
608-295-1894, walshfamilyfarm@gmail.com

Wehrle Farms, New London
Berkshires and Crossbred
920-982-4555, rickannw@gmail.com


If you would like to become a sponsor of this program, contact the WPA office at 608-723-7551 or aboschert@wppa.org.