Biosecurity, Traceability, & Disease Surveillance. The time for such a national strategy is now!
US SHIP aims to establish a platform for safeguarding, improving, and representing the health status of swine across participating farm sites, supply chains, states, and regions. Such a working system is needed to support the current and future health assurance needs of the 21st century US pork industry.

Please contact us with questions and/or to enroll your pork production site(s) or slaughter facility(s) in US SHIP.


Testing Rebates Available

PRRS/PEDv testing ropes can be made at home, but must be sent in by a licensed veterinarian. Click link below to get step by step instructions.

Oral collection instructions

The Wisconsin Pork Association offers $25 rebates to pork producers to help offset costs of testing for PRRS/PEDv testing.

July 22, 2022

Golf Outing Information August 25

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