Thank you!

With the support of many, WPA announces approximately 5,168 pounds of ham was donated during the 2020 Give-A-Ham promotion.  Our thanks to many including Governor Evers, Secretary Designee Randy Romanski, NPPC President AV Roth, WPA President Jim Magolski, board members, FFA groups, pork producers and many others for your participation.

Challenge Background

The NPPC “Give-A-Ham Challenge” is designed to:

  1. Broaden awareness of the pork industry’s commitment to giving back to its communities, a core value.
  2. Strengthen the industry’s reputation for social responsibility.
  3. Unify industry participants at the grassroots level – organically and authentically –by providing an opportunity to engage in a national program reflecting a shared value.

During the holiday season, Wisconsin Pork Association took to social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to pledge a pork product donation and challenged others to do the same. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, so many Wisconsin residents have worked to help alleviate food insecurity in our state while supporting our farmers. Many people still struggle to feed their families, so it is amazing to witness such generosity and commitment by so many to help be a part of the solution.