Give-A-Ham Challenge Back for 2020!

The National Pork Producers Council’s (NPPC) “Give-A-Ham Challenge” is a social media campaign to engage the U.S. pork industry and the communities they support in a holiday giving program. The “Give a Ham” challenge is a collaborative effort between NPPC and the Wisconsin Pork Association (WPA).

 With so many Americans struggling with COVID-related financial challenges, this year’s “Give-a-Ham” challenge takes on special meaning. Giving back to communities is a core value of hog farmers nationwide. Throughout the COVID pandemic, U.S. hog farmers and numerous state associations that represent them have donated to local food banks, providing a collective 15.7 million pounds—or 222.8 million servings—of pork through Oct. 31.

NPPC and WPA kicked off this challenge on November 23rd when Keri Retallick, WPA State Executive, challenged NPPC President, AV Roth of Wauzeka, Wisconsin to give a ham(s) to his local food shelf or those in need. From here, AV Roth will challenge NPPC Board Member and President Elect Jen Sorenson, from West Des Moines, Iowa an employee of Iowa Select Farms to do the same and keep the challenge going. Each “Give-a-Ham” challenge will be posted on social media from November 23 through December 22. Over this time period, each of NPPC’s 15 Board Members, NPPC staff and NPPC past presidents will be challenged to give a ham(s) if they desire to participate. This challenge is a volunteer activity and participation is not required.

Challenge Background

The NPPC “Give-A-Ham Challenge” is designed to:

  1. Broaden awareness of the pork industry’s commitment to giving back to its communities, a core value.
  2. Strengthen the industry’s reputation for social responsibility.
  3. Unify industry participants at the grassroots level – organically and authentically –by providing an opportunity to engage in a national program reflecting a shared value.

During the holiday season, Wisconsin Pork Association will take to social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to pledge a pork product donation and challenge others to do the same. To ensure we can effectively track the industry’s giving, ALL challenge posts must use the hashtag: # GiveAHam and #WiPork

How to Participate

Participation is simple. All you need to do is take a photo or video and post it to your social media account or company account, showcasing your ham or pork product donation, using the hashtags #GiveAHam and #WiPork and tagging the individuals that you would like to challenge next.