Pork Schoppe Stand at Wisconsin State Fair

August 5-15, 2021

Wisconsin State Fairgrounds

West Allis, WI

We are excited to be back in August, and we know you are as well. The pork producers of Wisconsin can’t wait to offer a wide selection of pork products and tell fairgoers about how great pork is!

Be sure to check back with updates about menu option.

We are Still Looking for Volunteers and Managers for the 2021 WI State Fair!

We are in need again this year for volunteers, we are looking for both staff and managers at the Wisconsin State Fair Pork Schoppe. The WPA uses the funds raised to further promote and protect the state’s pork industry to ensure its success now and in the future. Those programs include legislative Action, Consumer Education, Youth Development and more so we can continue the success of pork producers in the state of Wisconsin.

Volunteers will receive free admission to state fair park, sandwich, and fountain drinks. Groups will receive a donation for their time. Interested individuals or groups should contact the WPA staff by email at WPPA@WPPA.org or call the office at 608-723-7551.

What is the Pork Schoppe?

The Pork Schoppe is a food stand operated by Wisconsin Pork Association. The Pork Schoppe serves as the association’s primary fundraiser. Funds raised help support Wisconsin Pork Association’s mission to ensure the future success of the Wisconsin pork industry. To learn more about programs we support, visit our About Us page.


You can find the Pork Schoppe at two main events each year: The Wisconsin State Fair (August) and the WPS Farm Show (March).